Hello. I am a visual story teller from North Georgia. I enjoy capturing moments that tell your life as it is --exciting, emotional, beautiful and uniquely you. If you think this isn't your life, then you don't see things as I do. Everyone has a story to tell, and I look forward to sharing yours in print.

All images copyright Heather E. Pitts. All rights reserved. 

Since a young age I have had a camera in my hand, and after years of photographing my schools and community I decided to make a career out of my passion.

I studied photojournalism at the University of Georgia, where I learned how to combine my artistic eye with moments --not just pretty faces. When I photograph clients I seek to convey the significance or meaning behind the photo.

All I can do in my writing is to stimulate a certain amount of thought, clarify some technical facts and date my work. But when I preach sharpness, brilliancy and scale, etc., I am just mouthing words, because no words can really describe those terms and qualities it takes the actual print to say, "here it is." --Ansel Adams